Hello 2020!

A blog has always been something I have intended to do, a way of documenting the development of The Paddock as a business, and all of the challenges that face running a smallholding, delivery service and farm shop, but the reality of actually finding the time to sit down and write proves more challenging than I would like. I enjoy writing, so this year (2020) I aim to do more of it! For the first time in ages I've opened the blog page on the website and found a post I obviously started to write back at the beginning of 2016, just as we were renovating the shop. It has been forgotten about and hidden away in the drafts folder since then, but I couldn't agree more with the words I wrote back then, and they still hold so true today:
I established The Paddock because I believe that good quality food with low environmental impact should be accessible to everyone. I believe it is important to know how and where our food is produced, and be certain that it has been done so with as much love and care as possible – love and care for ourselves and love and care for our planet. For me, our food should be produced ethically and sustainably and we should work with nature rather than against it. I feel very strongly that consumerism has led us to loose touch with our food production systems and I strongly believe the only way to go forward is to return to an organic, seasonal system of eating in order to prolong our planet’s natural resources.  
As the general awareness of our food production systems and the impact this has on our environment has become ever more recognised in recent years, I can honestly say I am so proud to have been a small part of this revolution in the North East of England - a place I hold dear to my heart having grown up and lived here for the majority of my life. There are so many exciting changes happening, new shops opening, movements establishing and I think 2020 is going to be an exciting year. Thanks to everyone who has supported The Paddock on this journey so far, I am so excited to see what 2020 has in store, lets continue to make the world a greener place together. 

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