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26. January 2020
A new year, a new blog post with the same sentiment that has carried me through the journey of The Paddock over the last 10 years. I established The Paddock because I believe that good quality food with low environmental impact should be accessible to everyone. I believe it is important to know how and where our food is produced, and be certain that it has been done so with as much love and care as possible – love and care for ourselves and love and care for our planet.
02. July 2014
Having never written a blog before, I thought well why not give it a go! If anyone is interested enough to want to read about the goings on at The Paddock, I guess this is the best way to share it. So here goes! I guess the best place to start is with a little bit of info about how The Paddock came about! We've owned this beautiful little spot (we being my family - I'm lucky enough to have 2 wonderful parents who worked very hard to secure us somewhere we could keep our horses, an expensive but...