Sown Organic Cold Pressed Shots: Ginger Tonic

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About our Sown Organic Cold Pressed Shots: Ginger Tonic


Ginger Tonic – Ginger, apple and lemon. At SOWN we are a juicery who farms organic fruit and vegetables. The best juices are made with the freshest, top-quality ingredients. We want to provide you with the highest quality raw, plant-based nutrition so you can be the healthiest version of yourself. Our juices are cold pressed to ensure we extract the maximum nutritional value out of every fruit and vegetable. Ingredients matter.... a lot. As much of the produce as possible comes from our organically certified farm set in the rolling hills of Yorkshire. Wherever possible, we pick the same day we press, fresh kale can travel under 100m from the field where it is grown to our commercial kitchen. Apples come from our orchard along a short farm track and are used the same day they are picked. Our process is Organically certified by the Soil Association, our commercial kitchen is certified by SALSA for food hygiene.

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