Northumberland Honey: Summer Runny


About our Northumberland Honey: Summer Runny


Runny Summer honey is produced by the bees during the summer months. Great for pouring onto warm porridge, stirring into tea and coffee, and is some of the most pure and natural honey you will encounter. Popular for use in recipes calling for runny honey, or for those wanting a runny honey to use. Please note, although this honey starts out runny, as with all pure honey it will thicken and set out over time and especially in cooler conditions. If preferred in a runny state, simply warm gently in a bain marie. Honey and Our Beekeeping Ethos: Produced by sustainable bees kept by Northumberland Honey Co. Pure and Natural. Cold extracted and coarsley filtered importantly retaining all the benefits of pure honey. Utmost traceability due to working to SALSA standards and 5 star environmental health rating. Beekeeping apprenticeship, in purchasing this soft set honey, you are actively supporting the next generation of beekeepers.

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