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Don't just take our word for it, it is always great to hear from our customers, please share your thoughts on our produce through our comments section below or read what others have thought of our produce!

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    Janine Sloan (Monday, 08 July 2019 17:17)

    I receive fortnightly deliveries of fruit and veg, plus local eggs and honey. Always great produce, and I like supporting businesses that care about the environment and reducing plastic waste.

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    Lisa Greener (Friday, 25 May 2018 23:29)

    I've been receiving veg boxes for a good couple of years now, excellent produce, tasty eggs, reliable service. Laura is always quick to respond to queries. A lovely team of people. Highly recommended

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    Kay (Wednesday, 23 May 2018 21:00)

    Delivery days are now my favorite day of the week. Great variety of veg at very reasonable prices. My food bills have massively dropped while the quailty of items have dramatically increased.

    My friends at work also very happy with all the amazing vegetarian/vegan food im letting try.

    Big thank you to Laura and the team.

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    Mrs M. Taylor (Friday, 11 May 2018 22:38)

    Very good good produce and very reliable delivery. Laura is very flexible when it comes to substitutes which I am very grateful for (and my husband, too). I can thoroughly recommend The Paddock . Thank you Laura & everybody at The Paddock!

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    Miranda barker (Saturday, 14 October 2017 15:31)

    Always good produce. We couldn't survive without our regular two dozen of Laura's eggs. Very flexible as to contents of boxes.

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    Carol (Saturday, 11 March 2017 11:17)

    I have been getting produce fort nightly from The Paddock for over 6 months now and have always been impressed with the quality of each delivery. Well done Laura for your hard word and dedication!

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    Miranda Barker (Monday, 02 May 2016 16:21)

    Brilliant producer., My other half needs to have a steady supply of Laura's eggs.
    Veg excellent value and the pantry is expanding, thanks!
    Could we have capers and anchovies too please?

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    Caroline M (Friday, 29 April 2016 13:05)

    Very happy with the produce and flexibility offered by The Paddock. Lovely tasty produce and we look forward to the eggs , sausages and asparagus in particular! Great not to be tied to weekly order- I do an order every 2-3 weeks and that suits our little family.

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    Lucia (Sunday, 24 January 2016 12:32)

    I've met Laura at first time at the Jesmond market and I really like her business, her personality and at last but not least her vegs and heggs are delicious I've weaned my baby with them!! I really raccomanded her products!

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    Nicola (Tuesday, 01 December 2015 20:52)

    The Paddock ethics and food is so amazing and refreshing.

    The produce is always so fresh and full of positivity. Tastes delicious. Different types of veg and now a pantry! Wow!

    Ditch the supermarket and go with Paddock supplies, local where possible, organic always, ethically sound food supplies. We all need this in today's climate.


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    Rachael Doyle (Sunday, 08 November 2015 20:53)

    I discovered The Paddock’s lovely website very recently, and was completely ‘with’ them by the quaint tagline: fresh food delivered from the land to your hand. Well, who doesn't want that?

    After browsing the truly tempting selection of food order options, I settled for the Medium Veg Box and a dozen fresh eggs. What followed was impressive, personal email correspondence from Laura, the owner of The Paddock.

    Delivery day came. I wasn't expecting this, bloody brilliant value! This is the good life people: mud still on and vibrant-veggie colours. (To be honest, all veg should be vibrant, but… have you ever had a tasteless carrot from Tesco? I have.) The eggs were perfect- yummy orange yolks which held together really well when poached. All of the veg was extremely tasty and actually lasted longer than the usual supermarket shelf life.

    For a reasonable £15 I received:

    – Half a dozen fresh eggs
    – Organic beets
    – Organic purple sprouting broccoli
    – Organic carrots
    – Organic leeks
    – Organic mushrooms
    – Organic large savoy cabbage
    – Organic large spring onions
    – Organic carnival squash
    – Organic kale
    – Organic salad lettuce

    Final musings: Everything that an impersonal, corporate supermarket is not. If you desire good value, organic food then we highly recommend The Paddock.

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    Lisa (Sunday, 16 August 2015 15:51)

    Really enjoying the variety in these boxes. Myself and my husband eat a lot of veg, the medium veggie box keeps us going for an entire week. You can definitely taste the difference in the paddocks fresh greens compared to supermarket counterparts. I look forward to each weeks delivery to see which yummy goodies I get to eat and what meals I can conjure up. At the moment I'm really enjoying the beetroot, Kale and Kohlrabi. We can't wait for pumpkin and parsnip season.

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    Nic Brookman (Friday, 20 February 2015 12:57)

    Just wanted to say that I'm loving the new bad of mixed salad leaves - they are really delicious. Hints of mustard & peppery.

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    margy (Sunday, 08 February 2015 23:02)

    just finished the last of our veg for sunday lunch and wanted to say how gorgeous and flavoursome they all were and very very fresh. this is our first veg box and we've been delighted with everything. what a smashing service, will definitely be a regular customer, thankyou

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    Pauline Callcott (Tuesday, 04 November 2014 23:50)

    I've had a regular delivery from the beginning and have varied from veg, to the Mediterranean box and now a mixed fruit and veg box. We always have eggs which are delicious. The produce always tastes wonderful and I look forward to building my meals around the content of the box every week. Will be ordering another hamper at Christmas as last years was perfect. Strawberry jam with champagne for the Christmas cross aunts and the most delicious range of veg pickles and cheeses. The locally baked bread the a Paddock sources is delicious too. Highly recommend!

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    Laura Jayne Burlison (Tuesday, 15 October 2013 01:37)

    Hi Laura

    Can I just thank you for the speedy supply of Potatoes and Eggs,

    I was most impressed with the freshness of both eggs and your potatoes, the yokes of the eggs were a lovely deep yellow unlike the shop bought free range.
    The potatoes were so good for cooking, easy for cleaning and the taste was so good, I hope you have a good supply as looking forward to lots more.

    Thanks again, George Hayes

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    Nic & Chris (Wednesday, 02 October 2013 17:17)

    Just to say we've had loads of eggs and they are yummy and mega fresh. Laura is doing a great job and we hope that this great enterprise really works!

Here is what some more of our customers have said......


"We were very pleased with the veg and eggs,many thanks!"


"I just wanted to thank you for my wonderful delivery, everything was just great!"


"I was so impressed with the veg box, the selection was so good. We all said how much more flavour the vegetables had and were excellent quality! I hadn't tried golden beetroot before - I roasted it in the oven chopped into cubes and it was delicious! The pork was really tender and again taste quality far superior! Bacon and eggs went down a treat! Eggs really fresh so brilliant to poach!"


"Everything in the box was really nice, the pork and eggs were really tasty."


"Can vouch for The Paddock, produce is fantastic, eggs were lovely too! Great selection"


"Loving the tasty flavours and selection!"


"Yet again the vegetables and meat have been fantastic!"


"The boxes are fantastic value, thanks again for your flexibility with deliveries, I'm so pleased I discovered your fab business."


"Everything is great - real mud on real veg! The pork is delicious too and the goats cheese is great to cook with, full of flavour!"


"We're really happy to be buying better and more ethical food from you and look forward to more in 2015!"


"We've really enjoyed all the fruit and veg that  we've had from you, it's always lovely and fresh and super tasty, looking forward to trying the honey"


"Thanks for all of the lovely produce this year!"


"The veg was yummy as always, especially the tomatoes, very sweet and juicy!"


"The veg was brilliant thank you still had lots left over for my juices too they taste great."


"We really enjoyed the salad bag this week, so very fresh - a million miles away from what you buy at the shops!"


"We have been really pleased with the veg box - it was pretty much just what I was hoping for! Really pleased with it."


"The best tasting honey I've ever had and really happy with my fruit and veg as always."


"Thanks so much for the box we received last night, everything was perfect!"


"Thank you for your lovely soup boxes too, we've had loads of positive comments since ordering form you and the standard of our soup has shot up!"


"Thank you for making our veg and eggs so tasty and easily available this year.

It's been a pleasure this year, and looking forward to 2015!"

"It was all fantastic! Thank you. And the eggs are delicious."


"Eggs were the freshest we've ever had!"


"Really happy with your veg...lovely, lovely mashed potatoeslast night and carrot soup for tea today!"


"Tried the beetroot and it is just delicious. Tender and Sweet!"


"I loved the veg box thank you - all very tasty!"


"We loved our veg, it's all gone - leeks going in a soup today!"


"Everything was lovely and fresh!"


"Eggs lovely. Thank you to chooks, old and new."


"Everything was brilliant and there was actually a lot more than we expected 

We're looking forward to the next one!"


"Everything was brilliant and very fresh, we were more than happy with it!"


"I was really pleased with my order, especially the eggs!"

"Just had two for breakfast, they are a lovely flavour."


"Everything was great, very pleased with what I received!"

"It's fab. Lovely tomatoes, had the carrots too all very tasty. Love the bread too."


"We are enjoying our organic veg, you can certainly taste the difference."


"The potatoes grown at The Paddock are absolutely delicious!"


"Fabulous. I've tried pretty much everything & it's all been really tasty, very impressed! Will definitely be coming back to you for another order!"


"The honey is lovely and it tastes so much nicer than honey we've bought previously. We're very much converted now to local honey. "


"Many thanks for the lovely eggs for the last year!"


"Eggs gorgeous, veg very sweet, spuds so goodI ate two while cooking them. Will surely get more from you!"


"Thanks so much, it all looks great!"


"So Fresh!"


"Thanks for my delivery, as always, the stuff was great, eaten lots for our tea!"


"Well impressed, the veg really is delicious!"


"The bread, as always was delicious!"


"The order was fantastic, very pleased indeed!"


"The produce is fab, we had eggs forbreakfast and the veg for our tea and everything was really tasty!"


"We love the food and have used everything we bought already. I even made a beetroot cake with the beets. We've also recommended you to several people who plan on ordering soon"


"Had some eggs this morning, please tell your ladies they were lovely!"


"The nicest eggs I have ever tasted!"


"The Kale is lovely!"


"The purple sprouting broccoli is delicious!"


"Parsnips were soooooo tasty!"


"The carrots are beautiful and I don't even eat much veg!"


"The veg and the fruit were spot on, very tasty, lots of flavour!"


"The veg is lovely - especially the carrots!"


"Honey Lovely!"


"Romanesco Cauli is scrummy. Cooks beautifully & very yummy!"


"The best veg box I have ever seen!"


"Can wholeheartedly recommend Laura @ The Paddock - lovely fresh organic veg, the whole meal bread is scrummy, and eggs are fabulous, and delivered with a smile."


"I can vouch for the quality too- it's the best I've had around here."


"Excellent produce at competitive prices." I have purchased eggs, potatoes and strawberry jam over recent weeks and all are delicious. The strawberry jam has a beautiful taste and is packed with strawberries. I have had different varieties of potatoes, all have been firm, lovely and white and they are delicious boiled, roasted, baked and mashed. The eggs have beautiful yellow yolks (I have even had a few double yolks), they have a beautiful taste prepared in all ways. Knowing they are from a local producer, so fresh and from really happy free range chickens is wonderful. I am now looking forward to trying the cheeses.

A very happy customer.


"Veg is fab!"


"Really good selection in the boxes - good variety!"


"What a great idea your fruit and veg baskets are - we are fed up of tasteless, unripe, perfectly shaped fruit and veg!!!!"


"The squash was beautiful - I roasted it and drizzled it with honey!"


"The romanesque cauliflower was beautiful!"


"The veg looks too good to eat!!!"


'The eggs are beautiful, can't stop eating them!"


"The cauli was fab!"

"Very happy with our first veg box. Beautiful produce!"


"Great eggs and lovely to deal with!"


"It's good to support a great local enterprise. The veg is scrummy as are the eggs. Have made a fab veg soup today & roasted some squash with parsnips & drizzle of honey - delicious!"


"We tried the dressing last night - absolutely delicious & so versatile!"


"Everything was good – my Sunday roast tasted so different."


"Another gorgeous box. So good to have fresh veg (and to try new things). Recommending you to everyone! Can't wait to try the eggs for breakfast tomorrow."


"Just had our lunch and the veg I got from you yesterday at the Tyne valley Christmas market. It was beautiful. Thanks for the tip about using the top of the sprout stalk that was lovely too."


"Absolutely beautiful! Well impressed. Thanks you!"


"The veg is lovely, it tastes so different!"


"The best honey I have ever tasted!"


"I couldn't go back to buying from the supermarket!"


"The best bread I have ever tasted, delicious!"