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Eco Friendly Household Products, Natural Body Care, Logs and Kindling!

Eco Friendly Household Products



In keeping with our eco friendly ethos and determination to reduce plastics and the use of nasty chemicals in our environment, we now have a selection of eco friendly household products and natural body care available from Ecoleaf, SUMA, Kutis, Friendly Soaps, Lily & Lottie, Truthpaste and more. All natural, no chemicals. You may add them to your veg box, or collect from the Farm Shop. Our products are cruelty free and vegan friendly. 


In addition, there are a selection of zero waste options to help you reduce your use of single use plastics, including beeswax wraps handmade right here in Newcastle by the lovely Kate at The Phoenix Green Store, using recycled cotton cloth and our very own ethically sourced beeswax from The Honey Store, Ponteland! Reusable and washable 100% organic cotton tote shopping bags designed by Dipwood Studio and reusable, washable 100% organic cotton produce bags. 


Why not kick start your journey to a plastic free lifestyle with one of our zero waste gift bags, designed as the perfect started kit to plastic free living. Available in 2 options:


The Zero Waste Gift Bag - £47.50 (all 8 items plus the reusable drawstring bag with custom designed logo made from 100% organic cotton or £37.50 for 6 items with the drawstring bag - excludes lip balm and shampoo bar)

Presented in a custom designed, hand drawn (by Dipwood Studios) 100% natural cotton drawstring reusable bag, a sustainable Gift Bag designed to encourage less plastic in our lives and start you or a loved one on that zero waste path, the perfect gift for those eco conscious. All packaging is degradable or recyclable, all gifts are handmade in the UK and free from parabens, SLS, fluoride, harsh chemicals, all our cruelty free. Containing the following:

  • 1 x 40g Natural Mineral Truthpaste, Peppermint and Wintergreen, handmade by Truthpaste, Brighton
  • 1 x 100% degradable MSC certified sustainable Bamboo Toothbrush with soft charcoal infused bristles, Uncaptive, Newcastle
  • 1 x 8g Organic Lip Balm handmade by Kutis, Wales . A lovely, nourishing lip balm with rich and protective shea butter. Glides on smoothly, moisturises and heals with no sticky residue. Packaged in an 8g metal slider tin.
  • 1 x 50g Organic Natural Deodrant – Lavender & Bergamot handmade by Kutis, Wales and packaged in a degradable paperboard tube
  • 1 x 60ml Balancing Lavender and Geranium Organic Natural Body Butter with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil for a truly nourishing moisturiser in a glass jar with metal top.
  • 1 x 95g Shampoo Bar handmade by Friendly Soaps, Todmorden. A choice of Lavender and Tea Tree or Lavender and Geranium, packaged in degradable cardboard packaging.
  • 1 x 90g Rose Petal and Geranium Gylcerine Soap from SUMA, unwrapped.
  • 1 x Beeswax Wrap handmade by The Phoenix Green Store, Newcastle using recycled cloth and The Paddock’s very own sustainable and ethically sourced beeswax from The Honey Store, Ponteland.


We offer nets of logs and kindling for your wood burner or house fire from a local, sustainable source. We can arrange delivery by the dumpy bag or truck load, please contact us for more info. 


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Eco Friendly Household Products


Suppliers and Product Info:

Caring for your Beeswax Wrap:

Rinse or wipe with cool water and line dry. 

Do not use with meat.

Can be refreshed by placing on a baking sheet in a hot over for 2 minutes, then hanging to dry. 

Bamboo Toothbrush - How does this work? 


Environmental Toothbrush, a great option but the bristles are made from Nylon, meaning they do not biodegrade. The handle is made from bamboo and will biodegrade. Cut the bristles off before putting the handle into the compost bin, or put the whole brush into the landfill bin - over time the handle will break down and only the bristles will remain. Compostable packaging. 


Curunatura are a Slovakian company producing a natural bamboo toothbrush, from sustainably grown bamboo. The bristles are made of decompostable fibres meaning the whole toothbrush is biologically degradable. Nylon 4 is a BPA and phthalate free, naturally biodegradable polyamide and is widely considered as one of the most tolerable plastics from a health point of view. 90% of the brush is bamboo, with Nylon 4 used in the bristles. The packaging is also compostable - brown paper and cardboard.


Uncaptive, not only offer a 100% bamboo toothbrush but are also a homegrown business based right here in Newcastle. We are delighted to have teamed up with Uncaptive to offer their toothbrushes to our customers. This ethical toothbrush is 100% Biodegradable, from handle to bristles. The bristles are infused with charcoal to absorb bacteria, cleaning teeth deeply. Handle and Bristles ethically produced from FSC certified Mao bamboo! Compostable packaging. 

Ecoleaf Household Products

The majority of our eco friendly cleaning products are sourced via SUMA. Ecoleaf are voted the Consumer Best Buy. All products oppose animal testing, have the certified cruelty free status and are suitable for those with a vegan diet. They are affordable, plant based, eco friendly cleaning products with no harsh chemicals - much better for you and the environment. Ecoleaf are based right here in the UK. SUMA also take the 20L drums we use for our refill system back, they recycle them at a local plant where they are melted down into new drums! This reduces our carbon footprint even further. 



The Ecoleaf packaging states that the compostable wrap can be composted under industrial composting conditions. It is made of potato starch. We have composted the wraps in the compost bins at The Paddock successfully. The wrap will however break down over time even within landfill, unlike many other plastic wrap options which will remain on the planet forever! 

Friendly Soaps

"Each bar produces a rich, creamy lather that is naturally moisturising and thoroughly nourishing. All the soaps are handmade with natural ingredients, which are easy on the earth and kind to the skin.

All soaps are Free from Palm Oil, Parabens, Sulphates, Triclosan, Phthalates and Cruelty, as well as being boxed in plastic free recycled (and recyclable) packaging. We are also registered with The Vegan Society, Cruelty Free International and have a Best rating with Ethical Consumer. "


The Story:

"Growing up in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, in the 1970s, Rob Costello and Geoff Kerouac found themselves immersed in a hotbed of alternative, hippy and punk culture. This proved to be fertile ground for radical, political thought and social and environmental awareness, still deeply held to this day.


It came naturally to them to rally against the capitalist model and strive to find a fairer way of doing things. And, living in such picturesque countryside as they did, they also felt an instinctive connection to nature.


These values led them, later in life to, work at Suma Wholefoods Co-operative. An experience that proved invaluable, putting real substance behind their ideas. Here they learned that it really is possible to run a successful business where ethics come before profit.


Now inspired, motivated and environmentally aware, they were ready for the next step, an ethically-based business of their own. Here was a chance for them to live out their ideals and give something honest and good back to the world.


For Rob and Geoff, making soap is about so much more than manufacturing a product. It is a constant process of learning, improving and refining, in order to make as little impact on nature and health as possible.



We are committed to producing soaps that contain no animal products or by-products. We are also completely against testing cosmetics on animals and are registered with Cruelty Free International and The Vegan Society.


We use the ancient cold-process method of soap making, which creates a biodegradable soap with zero by-products. There is literally no waste. Everything gets used up and turned into lovely Friendly Soap.


Striving always to minimise our impact on the environment, we use as little energy as possible throughout production – every bar of Friendly Soap is poured, cut, stamped and packed by hand, here in the UK.


All our packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable…and plastic-free and our parcels for delivery are packed using brown paper tape. We are also against the use of microbeads. What’s wrong with poppy seeds or hemp bran?


Friendly Soap is made using naturally biodegradable ingredients – unlike commercial detergents that contain synthetic chemicals, that are literally flushed into our rivers. We are totally opposed to using harmful preservatives or foaming agents, believing there is simply no need for SLS or Parabens. The incredible silky smooth lather our natural handmade soap produces and its long life are completely down to the cold process method and our careful choice of ingredients.


We will never use Palm Oil and believe the best thing for the rainforests, its animals and the earth is to avoid it entirely. We also buy our Shea Butter from a women’s worker cooperative in Ghana and the Coconut Oil in Friendly soap is not produced using slave monkeys to pick the fruit. Yes, in some places, this actually happens.


By constantly scrutinising our production methods and working practices, we take little steps towards our goal of producing a zero impact natural soap and business model that benefits the planet, its animals and its people.



So, after this journey of ethics and ecology… what are the soaps actually like? Well, pretty damn amazing!


These are hand-sized pieces of natural luxury, packed full of goodness. Beautifully gentle soaps, all with a velvety smooth lather and an array of delicious natural aromas.


Our story is all about what is left in as well as what is left out. For one thing it won’t dry your skin because all the valuable, naturally-occurring glycerine is left in the soap, so you get a wash that is rich and moisturising.


Also, the soaps are all made using natural plant-based oils – coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. Each has its own unique qualities and they are all naturally nourishing and moisturising.


Essential oils, flowers, spices and herbs are used for their scent and colour, their healing properties, and some – such as poppy seeds and hemp bran – will gently exfoliate the skin.


And the end result of all this thought and consideration? Beautifully luxurious soaps that care for you and the planet. Enjoy with a clean conscience!"


Find the full story and ingredients of the soap at the Friendly Soap HQ. 


Ethical Man Gift sets Include (4 x 95g bars):

Shampoo Bar – Lavender & Tea Tree

Peppermint & Poppyseed Soap

Shaving Bar

Tea Tree Soap


Ethical Woman Gift Sets Include (4 x 95g bars):

Shea Butter Facial Cleansing Bar

Lavender Soap

Cocoa Facial Cleansing Bar

Lemongrass & Hemp Soap

Kutis Natural Bodycare. 100% Natural Artisan Skincare.


Organic ingredients, sustainably sourced, ethically traded.

No parabens, preservatives, stabilisers.


Our Philosophy

We believe that the best skincare can be found in what

Mother Nature has provided us for centuries..


We hand-make our skincare range from the heart of rural Mid-Wales using the best quality natural and organic ingredients from ethical and reputable suppliers.









"All our ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers with the same moral stance on fair trade as us. We are proud that the raw materials we use are grown on farms where worker's rights are protected. Our suppliers source our raw materials directly from the farms where they are grown. These strong relationships ensure what we buy has been farmed ethically and with environmental responsibility. We use only pure butters, oils, waxes and plant powders that have been minimally processed. This means unrefined and cold pressed organic where possible to ensure the benefits and properties of the raw materials are maintained in the final product. We don't "green-wash"! We never use stablisiers, parabens, fillers or preservatives - even those that are naturally derived. Our recipes are formulated in such a way that they naturally have a long shelf life with no nasties needed! What's more, you can be sure that each ingredient is working to nourish your skin! We only ever test on real, willing human beings with all different skin types before going to market. Our suppliers also practice the same cruelty-free and non-animal testing policy. All of our packaging is sourced from UK suppliers and is fully recyclable. We are working towards eliminating plastic altogether so please bear with us while we make the transition."


Nourishing Body Butters

Our shea butter rich formula deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin while the combined nourishing effect of whipped coconut oil keeps our butter light, fluffy and fast absorbing. The combination of these two rich ingredients with the finest essential oil blends make for a truly indulgent treat. The perfect luxury to smooth on after a long soak in the bath or a hard days work.


Sold in a large vintage style powder puff jar or 30g smaller jar, our body butters are a great gift item or excuse to spoil yourself.


Facial Washing Grains - Detox or Soothing - £8

When mixed with water these grains create a gentle face wash, great for those looking for a soap free alternative. Our cleansing grains are versatile, gentle and refreshing. Packed full of finely ground plant powders, cleansing clays and essential oils, this face wash leaves skin feeling cleansed, smooth and refreshed.


Scoop one spoonful of cleansing grains into the palm of your hand. Mix in hand with a few drops of water to form a milky paste. Gently massage over face. Leave for a few minutes for a deep cleanse and gently massage with a warm cloth to remove. Alternatively, use as a daily cleanser. Gently massage the paste into the face and wash off straight away using a warm cloth. 


Natural Deodorant - £6.50

Sold in a paperboard tube , which are 100% biodegradable or recyclable, our product is easy to apply, safe to use and better for the environment!

With key ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda, arrowroot powder and coconut oil this deodorant gives you the lasting freshness without all the nasty stuff that can be found in commercial deodorants.

We have carefully selected our essential oil blends to ensure each scent contains anti-bacterial and odour fighting properties.


Organic Lip Balm - £4.50

A lovely nourishing lip balm with rich and protective shea butter. Glides on smoothly, moisturises and heals with no sticky residue. Packaged in an 8g metal slider tin.

Kutis Little Luxuries Gift Set - £22

A miniature selection of Natural Body Care from Kutis, handmade from organic, natural ingredients, sustainably sourced, ethically traded. No parabens, preservatives or stabilisers. A perfect Christmas gift to spoil a loved one, with recyclable or degradable packaging this is the perfect gift for those hoping for a plastic free Christmas!

Each box contains:

10ml Organic Serum

30ml Cleansing Mask

15ml Organic Body Butter

8g Slider Tin Lip Balm


For full info on Kutis and the make up of their products, please visit their website 


Lilly and Lottie, Handmade Soap, Organic Essential Oils


Founded in Gateshead, in January 2018 and what started as a hobby has become almost a full time business for us.

We made a decision in January 2018 to live more mindfully and sustainably, which meant reviewing our entire lifestyle. We realised there are so many chemicals in many of the products we use that would cause harm not only to us but also our environment…and that’s before we even mention plastic packaging!


So we made some soap to see if we could stop using shower gel in plastic bottles and a year on we have not bought any bottles and are now making dozens of bars of soap each month!


We use Neal’s Yard organic essential oils in our soap bars, we are SLS free, plastic free, paraben free and palm oil free and all but one of our bars is vegan. All our packaging is recyclable or compostable, but the majority of the soaps are packaging free.


We want to deliver as pure a washing experience as possible, so check us out on social media and at The Paddock. We hope you get excited about soap and washing as much as us!


Fresh Face Packs Include: 3 x soaps including 1 x Exfoliater for use twice per week and 2 x Originals for everyday face wash (Handmade using organic essential oils)


Exfoliating Body Bars and Exfoliating Face Bars are handmade using The Paddock's ethically sourced and locally produced honey from The Honey Store, Ponteland alongside oatmeal and vanilla. 


Our Everyday Face Bars use either lemon, orange or peppermint essential oils. 


Also available; Charcoal and Peppermint Face Bars and Body Blocs. 


Our Range of Elemental Hand Soaps, Travel Hand Soaps and Body Blocs use either orange, lemon, peppermint, ylan ylang, lavender or frankincense essential oils. 


Now also available; Lavender Shampoo Bars. 


Find full info and ingredients for Lily and Lottie Soaps on their website.


Peace and Love  x

Truthpaste - Natural Mineral Toothpaste, Zero Waste, Vegan and Cruelty Free!


truthpaste is the UKs first zero-waste and cruelty free mineral based toothpaste. Each handmade jar contains the finest grade of bentonite clay, combined with organic neem and aloe vera, myrrh and a unique blend of essential oils.

The innovative formula was designed utilising Ayurvedic wisdom and modern research to harness the medicinal properties of its botanical ingredients. truthpaste has strong anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help fight the bacteria that cause decay, gingivitis and gum disease.

Unlike conventional or other natural toothpastes, truthpaste does not contain any foaming agents, emulsifiers, thickening agents or artificial colorants. Each ingredient is chosen for its health benefit.


This revolutionary toothpaste challenges the preconceptions of how toothpaste should feel, taste and function.


No foaming agents, colourants, bleaching agents or preservatives.

Free From: 

Fluoride, Glycerin, SLS /SLES, & Triclosan.



Read the full story, find full info including the ingredients used in Truthpaste on their website