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Eco Friendly Household Products

Eco Friendly Household Products

In keeping with our eco friendly ethos and determination to reduce plastics and the use of nasty chemicals in our environment, we now have a selection of eco friendly household products available from SUMA. All natural, no chemicals. You may add them to your veg box, or collect from the Farm Shop. 


We hope to be able to offer refills shortly, where you will be able to bring your own bottle along to the Farm Shop and pay for the item your are buying without purchasing yet another plastic bottle!


Please select the item from the drop down menu below to add them to your box. 


If you have any suggestions on products you would like us to stock, please get in touch. Alternatively, if you would like us to order items in directly from SUMA for you, we can do so. Pop into the Farm Shop or email with the product code. We charge a 20% surcharge for ordering in such items, this still works out cheaper than the RRP on many such items. Please remember, all household products are subject to an additional 20% VAT charge applied by SUMA on top of the advertised wholesale price. 

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