Free Range Meat from Bill Quay Community Farm!

Bill Quay Community Farm is a 30-acre charity farm and free visitor attraction.  It is also a Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) Farm Park, this means that we conserve and promote rare and native breeds. These traditional breeds became rare because they did not fit with modern, intensive systems of production, they mature slower than commercial breeds and grow well on a natural diet. Additionally, rare breed meat often has more fat around the cuts of meat, which does not meet modern consumer demand. However, it’s this fat that gives the meat a better flavour.


A question frequently asked is; 'If we are supporting rare breeds why are we raising animals for meat?' The answer; for the breed to expand and progress only the strongest, healthiest males and females are selected to breed from. This means that the vast majority of males and some females can go into the food chain, as few males are needed for breeding (roughly 1 per 30 female sheep). The same is also true for our pigs, we will identify the strongest and fittest piglets to rear and breed from and the rest we will grow on and then they will enter the food chain.


We have a continuous supply of rare breed (Large Black and Tamworth) sausages at £4/ pack (approx. 600g)


The flavours available are;


Cumberland, Chilli, and Apple - Please select your flavour from the drop down menu below. 


All of the meat is frozen at the farm to maintain freshness. As a result, this meat will not be suitable for freezing again after purchase if it has defrosted by the time it’s delivered. . Please note, if you have ordered meat, you will need to provide your own cool box with cool blocks to keep the meat chilled if you are not likely to be home as we will not leave the cool box which the meat
is transported in.


Delivery is free when purchased alongside a veg box, with a minimum value of £7.50. I'm sorry but we do not deliver meat alone. 

Free Range Meat from Bill Quay Community Farm

Free Range Sausage available in various flavours from Bill Quay Community Farm or Free Range Lamb and Mint Burgers - please select from the drop down menu. 

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