Free Range Meat from Field House!

The Paddock is delighted to be teaming up with Field House Farm Shop of High Spen to provide The Paddock’s lucky customers with fresh, free range pork available as part of the delivery service. Geoff and Brian Robson breed a range of traditional breed pigs at Field House Farm, the pigs are then grass reared in a natural, free range environment until they are ready for slaughter.  All of the meat is then butchered on site at Field House Farm by Brian who is a fully trained butcher.  Geoff and Brian have a fantastic range of traditional and slightly different mouth wateringly tasty sausages all made fresh to order on the day before delivery and home cured smoked and un-smoked bacon which are a great Saturday morning accompaniment to The Paddock’s free range eggs! All of the bacon is traditionally cured. We also have a great selection of pork cuts available including belly pork, boneless pork joints and pork loins. In addition to the pork, they offer fresh free range chicken. 


Delivery is free when purchased alongside a veg box, with a minimum value of £7.50. I'm sorry but we do not deliver meat alone. 


All of the prices listed below are per kilo. Each item has been individually wrapped and weighed according to EEC rules and regulations. Please select the type of meat you require from the drop down menu below and in the special instructions box of the checkout form you can indicate if you require it to be of a specific weight, otherwise, we will select the piece of meat accordingly and be in touch with an order total on the day of delivery. For pork leg joints, please indicate how many people you wish to feed so the piece of meat can be cut accordingly. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have a special request for a specific cut or something that is not on the list.


The following is a guideline only and designed to give you an idea of what you can expect to find and how much you can expect to pay for an average pack of the following meat, all prices are subject to weight:

Sausages – average 8 per pack. £3-£4

Lamb and Mint Sausages - average 6 per pack £3-£4

Belly Pork – average £2-£3

Smoked and Un-smoked Bacon – average 8 slices per pack. £2.50-£4

Boneless Loin Steaks – average 2 per pack. £3.50-£5


The prices per KG do fluctuate weekly and from time to time, they may be slightly different to those listed below.


Please note, if you have ordered meat, you will need to provide your own cool box with cool blocks to keep the meat chilled if you are not likely to be home as we will not leave the cool box which the meat is transported in..

Free Range Meat from Field House Farm Shop, High Spen
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Thanks to our customers for the following feedback on Field House Farm Shop's meat........


"I've just treated myself to a bacon sandwich and can honestly say hand on heart it's the nicest bacon I've every had. I don't eat a lot of bacon as I'mnot keen on salty food but this was in another league. Not salty at all, loads of flavour and didn't shrink at all when cooked. What a refreshing change from the mass produced, watery, salty produce you find in the supermarket, even the 'premium' brands." Elaine Rushton


"The meat was great, youcould not only see but taste the quality."


"We really enjoyed the meat, loved the sausages!"


"We loved the bacon and sausages!"

The bacon is fantastic and the belly pork was delicious!"