Rise Bakery, Stocksfield

The Paddock has worked with Jo from Rise Bakery since the very beginning of our story to offer freshly baked, handmade bread as part of the weekly delivery service as well as within our Farm Shop. Jo hand-bakes each loaf with love and care in her home in Stocksfield using locally grown organic wheat flour, from Gilchester's Organics, which is traditionally stoneground by wind power in Northumberland.


Jo then turns this beautiful organic flour into very tasty bread (I can vouch for it, I have tried it and it is delicious!!) With no additives, just flour, salt, yeast and water, it doesn't get much tastier, fresher or more local than this!


Jo bakes her bread fresh for you on a Wednesday morning, to be delivered along with your order. Alternatively you can collect from the Farm Shop after 12pm on a Wednesday and Friday. 


Jo will be baking small and large, white and wholemeal loaves and a different weekly special, which could be anything from a seeded loaf, a fruit loaf to a soda bread. All of Jo's bread comes wrapped in brown paper. 


Small loaves £1.70

Large loaves £2.70

Special Loaves usually a mixture of 50/50 white and wholemeal organic flour and organic ingredients £2.90. 


Jo's large and small white and wholemeal loaves are baked with Gilchester's Organic Flour, yeast, salt and water. The majority of the special loaves are Gilchester's organic 50/50 white and wholemeal flour with organic seeds, fruit or nuts. All of Jo's bread other than the soda bread is suitable for those on a vegan diet or lactose intolerant diet, however we cannot guarantee milk has not been present within the environment in which the loaves are baked. The soda bread contains milk/feta cheese.  

Fresh Bread (Rise Bakery, Stocksfield)

Rise Bakery Bread Available for Wednesday and Thursday delivery or collection from our Farm Shop Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.




Please choose your loaf from the drop down menu below:

Fresh, Organic, Local Bread


Where does the flour come from? 


Jo bakes her bread with Gilchester's organic, local flour. Situated 2 miles North of Hadrian's wall, deep in the heart of Northumberland is the North East’s only organic flour mill where they gently stone grind, rare breed grains into some of the finest flour you can lay your hands on. From seed to soil to stone grinding Gilchesters organics work with nature, milling only the grains they grow. At Gilchesters, on the site of a roman fort, they work with nature growing and milling heritage grains and rearing white Galloway rare-breed cattle to combine a balance between farming and wildlife conservation. The choice of heritage wheat grains as well as rye, spelt and even older Emmer and Einkorn cereals is the result of painstaking research into organic crop husbandry on the farm over the years. The organic farming methods allow them to produce the food people want in harmony with our surroundings. Modern farming production methods often ignore the fundamental principal of growing crops and livestock within the natural constraints of the land.