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I was very lucky to meet beekeper Les Elliott at Ryton Local Produce Market, who has hives dotted around Ponteland producing beautiful, very local honey. All of the honey is raw, cold extracted which means it has not been heat treated. Because of this, it retains all of it's natural goodness from the pollen. Pollen comes from every type of flower on earth. As the bees collect the nectar from the flowers, they gather pollen by rubbing inside the bloom. If you are looking to take honey for hay fever, look for raw honey, cold extracted from the hives, ideally produce within a 50 mile radius of where you live. This will help you to build a resistance to the pollen from your local area, the honey contains the pollen itself which is packed full of antibodies to help you build a resistance. Once the honey has been heat treated, this natural goodness is lost! Our honey is tasty and good for you, what more could you want?! 


The Paddock now stocks 3 tasty varieties of honey produced by Les, all available to order for free delivery alongside your veg box or why not come and pick a jar up from The Paddock at our Farm Shop.


Our customers say the honey is delicious and the best they have every tasted!


We also have blocks of beeswax available. Beeswax has lots of uses within cosmetics as a natural lip balm or moisturiser, as shoe protector, wood sealant, pain and itch relief, candles, cooking, lubrication for furniture and leather and furniture conditioner among many other uses! 


Fresh Bee Pollen also now available - Bee Pollen is the super-food sprinkle! With a distinctive, rich taste, the bee pollen can be eaten raw in it's natural state by sprinkling on yoghurt, or cereal and is packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The bee pollen is collected through a mesh screen at the entrance to the hive large enough for the bees to pass through. As they do so, they open their pollen baskets and let the granules drop to free themselves. A mesh tray at the bottom collects the pollen harvest, some of which can be sold as pollen sprinkles and some of which must be carefully left behind to feed the hive. This is a very delicate balance, one which Les is very careful to maintain. 


Some of the health claims of bee pollen (among others) include:

Digestive aid

Promote concentration and energy

Stimulates the immune and endocrine system

Assists in detox

Helps stabilise metabolism


Local, raw honey and bee pollen has evidence to support the claim that it may help reduce the symptoms of hay fever, however if you suffer from allergies, please introduce the honey or pollen sprinkles gradually and stop taking immediately if you suffer from any adverse reactions. If you are pregnant, or unsure of whether the honey or pollen will be suitable for you, please seek advice from a medical professional. 


English Soft Set Honey

This honey is from a diverse variation of nectar collected during late spring and also the warm summer months of the year.  The main harvest is during early September.   Slow granulation when jarred but “Sets Soft” to a lovely “buttery consistency”.   Available as either soft set or runny honey.


English Heather Honey

UK Beekeepers place their “out hives” on remote heather moor land so their bees can collect heather nectar during July and August.   Pure Heather Honey; a strongly flavoured dark honey for the “honey connoisseur”!    


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