Laura's Layers!

Laura's Layer's are the wonderfully entertaining chickens here at The Paddock who lay the lovely eggs! They are allowed to roam freely during the day and can sometimes be found wandering off into the next door field or laying an egg in some of the most unusual places! The demand is now so high for the eggs, we also work with local, small scale producers who we know and trust, but even then we can still sell out at the end of the week, so please get your orders in early to avoid disappointment! Checkout the fresh free range eggs page to order the eggs or for more info on the eggs and how they are produced!


Our hens have come from many places over the years, from ex battery rescues to the chicks we incubate ourselves. We have a very back to basics approach, and the chickens have the whole 6 acres and most of them now roost in the rafters of the stables to keep out of the way of the fox, preferring this to being locked up on an evening. One question we are often asked is what we do with our male chicks, do we kill them? The answer is no, they live at The Paddock or are rehomed to new loving homes. 


The creatures who make the delicious eggs…….


               CHILLING IN THE SUN,

















Here is one of our beautiful, original egg boxes, personally designed by Paul to hold Laura's Layers Eggs! We tend to favour a recycled pulp egg box these days without the fancy label, in order to be even more environmentally friendly!  If you would like to try the Fresh Free Range Eggs from Laura's Layers, please order them through the here! Here at The Paddock we believe in keeping things as natural as possible, hence your eggs are not graded and each box will be mixed size depending upon how the chickens lay them! All eggs are laid at The Paddock by Laura's Layers or one of the small scale, local chicken keepers we work with within 48 hours up to a maximum of 7 days before delivery or collection. If you can return your egg boxes after use so we can reuse them, it is much appreciated!