Plastic Free Pantry of Organic Dried Goods

You can now stock up on your cupboard store essentials such as pasta, rice, lentils, chickpeas, oats and more from our bulk selection - bring your own container, or use a paper bag - no plastic! All items are organic unless otherwise stated. 


The Plastic Free Pantry aims to reduce some of the single use plastic associated with some of our food items, however it is very difficult to remove plastic from the food chain entirely. Whilst we aim to buy all of our bulk items in paper sacks wherever possible, some items such as dried fruit and nuts do still come in a recyclable plastic wrap. We are working with suppliers to minimise this wherever possible. 


At The Paddock, we aim to buy British grains wherever possible working with UK based companies such as Hodmedod's and SUMA wholefoods to source the items in bulk for our Plastic Free Pantry. 


Also on offer - Perfect Provender Granola. Gluten Free, Low Sugar, 100% Natural Granola. Suitable for Vegans, produced in York. We like to keep things simple at Perfect Provender; after all, there really is beauty in simplicity. By using all-natural ingredients we have created a delicious granola for you to enjoy as a balanced breakfast. Each bag of granola is made with the greatest of care to ensure you get a product you can trust and enjoy each time you buy. We use gluten-free oats as the base of our granola and add in nutrient-rich nuts, super seeds and some subtle flavours such as cinnamon or cocoa (these flavours will be available soon), to our different varieties. The crunch comes from an even coating of coconut oil and the sweetness from a little maple syrup. Each variety of our granola is low in sugar, gluten free, suitable for vegans and comes in biodegradable packaging so you can be sure you are doing your bit for our wonderful planet whilst treating your body with the love and care it deserves.


Items can be ordered in multiples of 100g below. You can increase the multiples of 100g in your shopping cart during checkout. 


If you cannot find the item you wish to order in our Plastic Free Pantry, you may find it listed over in The Pantry section of our website, or contact us

How to order from our Plastic Free Pantry for delivery with a veg box:


Please select the item you wish to order from the drop down menu and "Add to Cart". Once added to cart, you can select how many multiples of 100g of each item you would like. For example, if you wish to order 500g porridge oats - please select porridge oats from the drop down menu, add to cart, click into your cart using the cart symbol in the top right hand corner of the page and use the + button to increase the order to 500g, or type 5 into the number column - this will give you an order of 5 x 100g = 500g. 


Items ordered from the Plastic Free Pantry for delivery with a veg box will be sent in brown paper bags. 


Please note; whilst every effort has been made to ensure there is no cross contamination between gluten and gluten free items, we cannot guarantee that the environment the items have been packed or handled in is gluten free. Those with a severe gluten intolerance or nut allergy would be advised not to order items from the Plastic Free Pantry. 


Items have been packed in an environment that handles: Nuts, Gluten, Soya, Peanuts, Nuts, Sesame, Milk & Sulphured Fruit. 

Plastic Free Pantry of Organic Dried Goods

Please select the item you wish to order from our Plastic Free Pantry by selecting the item from the drop down menu below, prices listed are by 100g, the quantity of the item can be increased to multiples of 100g once in your shopping cart. Items will be packaged in brown paper bags unless you have provided our driver with your own container (please make a note of this in the special instructions part of the checkout form). If you have provided your own container to be filled, please ensure this is clean and is clearly labelled with your name and the item you wish for it to be refilled with. 


Please note Pine Nut Kernals are very expensive and are listed in multiples of 10g.  


Whilst every effort has been made to provide current supplier and origin info, this may vary on occasion. 


Please select the item you wish to order below:

Plastic Free Pantry of Organic Dried Goods