The Smallholding

Our family smallholding is how it all started. It's a very special place where we have enjoyed lots of happy times together, and continue to do so. It was the starting point for The Paddock as a business, and through the photos and links below, you can share a little insight into what goes on! We aim to produce as much fruit and veg as we can at our own smallholding in an environmentally friendly manner. We have a composting toilet, solar powered lights and the land is worked by hand using very little machinery. Currently we are in the process of planting a small orchard, and we aim to encourage the wildlife and bio-diversity through the natural surrounding hedgerows, wildflower and meadow style grazing. 

Growing Veg

Each year we aim to grow as much veg as we can at The Paddock. Whilst we are not certified organic by the Soil Association, everything is grown organically, without the use of pesticides or fertilisers using no dig methods. We grow crops from potatoes to spinach to outdoor tomatoes!

The Horses

Our horses have always been a very important part of life at The Paddock. See photos of them in the gallery, or browse the antics of some of the other animals who have lived at The Paddock over the years. 

The Chooks

Meet Laura's Layers, the wonderfully entertaining creatures who lay your delicious eggs!