Organic Eggs: 30

Always Free Range. Always High Welfare.

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About our Organic Eggs: 30


A tray of 30 (2.5 dozen) Fresh Free Range Eggs (medium size) all certified organic and laid at Bainbridge Farm, Northumberland, with an emphasis on the welfare of the hens as a top priority. At The Paddock Farm Shop we sell our own free range eggs from Laura's Layers, the entertaining chickens at The Paddock or from local, small scale chicken keepers who we know and trust. Always Free Range. Always High Welfare. We aim to reuse all of our egg boxes, so please return these to your driver or to our farm shop for reuse, provided they are in a usable condition. From time to time, we may need to substitute eggs with those from a different supplier depending upon availability. They will always be free range, organic & high welfare.

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