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About our Sunshine Garden Box

Perfect for those looking for less roots in their box. Whilst they maintain a seasonal element, some of the veg may be imported, but will always be organic. PUBLISHED BOX CONTENTS LISTS ARE A GUIDELINE ONLY & SUBJECT TO PRODUCT QUALITY & AVAILABILITY. 10 varieties of organically grown veg, 5 of which are Mediterranean style (some in smaller quantities than the Mediterranean box) and not necessarily UK grown all year round such as tomatoes, courgettes and sweet potatoes alongside 5 varieties of UK grown, local, seasonal veg such as leafy greens. This box will not include the staples every week. This is a great option if you like to combine Mediterranean veg with some lovely local greens, for those wanting to eat more seasonally with less roots. A perfect marriage between the Sunshine of the Mediterranean, and lovely hot Summer days spent on the local allotment. Great for pasta dishes, risottos or roast veg. Suitable for 2 - 4 people.

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